How to buy
3 easy steps to join us, buy your car and receive delivery!
The Cosmo way...
Buy cars from Japan with confidence
Step 1
Contact us
Join our website
Register with Cosmo and we'll contact
you to talk and get to know each other.
Search for a vehicle
Place your first order. Choose from auction, dealer, stock cars. We can also give you price quotes, FOB or CIF.
Your car is bought
Then we transport it direct to the port yard ready for shipping.
We take many clear and detailed photos to help you!
Step 2
Invoicing & Payment
Send your invoice
We also prepare all export documents to your market.
Let us know if you need translated documents.
Payment Options
Bank TT, Paypal – see our bank details. USD$ accepted.
You can ask us about other ways to make your payment.
Confirm your payment
Send your payment and confirmation
When we receive your payment we will ship the car.
Step 3
Shipment & Delivery
Shipping your vehicle
We will book the first available ship - RoRo or Container.
Before you buy tell us how and where to ship your car.
Send BL & Shipping Documents
We send these by secure, express airmail service and you will need to sign for them on arrival. You can track your package.
Your vehicle arrives
Please contact your local Customs clearing agent to arrange procedures. Check arrival date and finally receive your car!
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